A Complete Guide to Fasting & Ramadan

Fasting is obligatory in the Islamic month of Ramadan for all, unless they fall into one of the categories that absolves them.

Because Ramadan is based upon the Islamic lunar cycle, it varies every year. At present it falls in the summer months which means that the fasts are long and during hot weather (usually)!

This course explains all about fasting and the month of Ramadan, the rules and etiquettes related to it, and practical guidelines as well as situations in which fasting is not necessary.

The course is aimed for new Muslims, particularly those who have not undertaken any fasting before. There will also be an opportunity to try a variety of dates from around the world.

The course will aim to cover:

  • What is fasting
  • Virtues of fasting
  • The Islamic month of Ramadan and its virtues
  • Upon whom it is obligatory to fast in Ramadan
  • Starting of the fast and its etiquette
  • Ending of the fast and its etiquette
  • Factors that break the fast
  • Factors that do not break the fast
  • Recommended actions when fasting in Ramadan
  • Things which should be avoided when fasting in Ramadan
  • The Night of Qadr
  • Making up missed fasts
  • Wisdom and benefits of fasting

This course is being offered totally free for New Muslims. Those born into the Islamic faith are requested to make a payment of £15.

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