How to Read the Qur'ân in Arabic Course (Level 1: Beginners)

The Qur'ân is the unchanged Word of Allah, revealed in the Arabic language. It cannot be recited in any other language and so learning and recitation in Arabic is essential. This course starts from the very basics and develops the student so they can recite the words of the Noble Qur'ân. This course is tailored to people who have just embraced Islam, and preference will be given on that basis. No previous knowledge is required.

The course is being offered for free to new Muslims for the full duration, but attendance is required for all of the sessions. It is also necessary to buy a course book which accompanies the course. If you can fulfill the criteria above, the only other thing that we request is commitment to homework and punctuality.

The course will cover:

Arabic Alphabet: pronunciation, character recognition, various forms
Vowels: Fat-hah, Kasrah and Dammah
Tanween: Fat-hatayn, Kasratayn, Dammatayn
Joining: Sukoon, Shaddah and the Letters of Leen
Long vowels: Elongating the vowels, Madd
The Definite Article and Hamza tul Wasl

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