How to Perform Salaah

If you are unable to come to our courses to learn how to perform Salaah, we would recommend that you benefit from the link below.

You can watch the video and practice the pronunciation, and also look through the downloadable booklet which has the transliteration of the words.

Practice the words

The words that need to be recited have been recorded by Imam Rayan Mahmud (from IQRA TV). You can use them to practice your recitation. If you would like to check, you can ring in to his TV show (Sky 826) and he will correct any mistakes. Please mention that you got the details from the New Muslims website.


How to Read the Qur'an

At New Muslims, the text book that we use is called 'Graded Steps to Qur'an Reading'

For practice please use the following resources:

Arabic Alphabet Pronunciation

Vowels - Fattah, Kasrah & Dhammah

Tanween - Fattahtain, Kasrahtain, Dhammahtain


Madd & Variable Madd


More Rules (Ya Leen & more)