How to Pray (Salaah)

A Muslim is obliged to offer compulsory prayers five times a day. This course assists the person who has no previous knowledge of prayer to learn the words, rules and actions of prayer.

This course is tailored to people who have recently embraced Islam. No previous knowledge is required. Priority would be given to New Muslims, and those who have attended our introduction to Islam course.

This course will be delivered over a period of FIVE sessions (unless otherwise stated) and will aim to cover:

The preconditions of prayer, including hygeine and purity
The timings and units of prayers
Actions during individual and congregation prayers
Recitation during the prayer
Issues which may nullify the prayer and common errors

The learning of the words is spread over the duration of the course in order to make it more manageable. It is usually run as a five week course for three hours a week. Full dates and times will be given upon registration.

.The course is being offered for free for the full duration, but upon condition that attendance is required for all of the sessions.

If you can fulfil the criteria above, the only other thing that we request is commitment to homework and punctuality.

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