The Life of the Prophet Muhammed (s)*

This course covers significant events during the life of the last and final prophet sent to mankind, Muhammed (s). It discusses his early life and the beginning of prophethood, and his early engagement with the society in which he lived. It also covers his emigration, the subsequent battles that took place and the treaties concluded. At the same time it also highlights aspects of his personal family life; wives and children.

The course will cover:

  • The family of the prophet (s)
  • The life of the prophet (s) in Makkah
  • The beginning of revelation
  • Early difficulties and hardships
  • Emigration
  • The life of the prophet (s) in Madina
  • Early battles
  • The treaty of Hudaibiyyah
  • The Battle of Mutah
  • The conquest of Makkah
  • Later battles
  • The death of the prophet (s)

*(s) denotes the arabic statement meaning 'may prayer and peace be upon him' which is said after mentioning the prophet Muhammed.

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