What our students have to say about our courses....

“Very informative and answered a lot of outstanding questions” – Charlie

“It was delivered in a relaxed tone of voice and I felt no pressure” – Charlyn

“I really liked the style. I was afraid that it would be too dry as it is very theory based, but luckily no issues with that. “Questions were answered in a proper way with lots of details. Content was put together superb” – Edina

The trainers explained everything in detail and very clearly” – Michaela

“I enjoyed the course – found the informal setting relaxed and the delivery good. It was useful that we could ask many questions” - Carol

"Excellent, approachable teacher, keen to answer any questions from the welcoming: tea/cofee, biscuits, to the teaching. Very professional till the end " -Beatrice

"I personally believe that the work you are doing is brilliant. You encourage the 'New Muslim' to read more and find their way. I really like that I feel welcome and motivated to read and get more knowledge about Islam from the course. Thank You!!! " - Ivanka

"It is amazing how dedicated and professional the team are. They always engaged with the students and are proactive and helpful." - Angelina

“Course was very informative and gave me more than expected. Very welcoming environment.” -Russell

“I thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew, but soon realised that I made a major step and I’m surprised I’m able to read Arabic for the Qur’ān. I needed that push. Thanks New Muslims.” -Sandra

“Amazed at how much I have learned in such a short time.”  -Helene

“The course was informative, very well structured.” -Bee

“I found your course just right for me. I finally managed to understand and learnt how to pray.”- Fatima

“Given me a good understanding of Islām. Very structured and easy to follow. Brilliant course!”  -Gemma

“I am very new to the religion so getting the background and rules was very useful.” -Jolyon

“Absolutely excellent.” -Justin

“Thank you so much for the hard work the New Muslim Team puts into these courses.” - Iman


My Journey to Islam

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