About Us

New Muslims is a volunteer based, non profit, non sectarian and non political organisation that was set up to provide a basic structured Islamic foundation for new Muslims.

At present we have many organisations that do fantastic work in propagating the wonderful message of Islâm.

And because Islâm is such a perfect religion that provides the answers to life, we find there are many people who embrace Islâm, or are looking to embrace Islâm, yet there are very few Islamic organisations that provide an aftercare service for those who take the testification of faith.

It is no surprise then, that some who do take the testification of faith either do not live life as Muslims or leave Islâm. This is often not due to them not believing anymore, but rather because they do not know how to progress any further, or become disenchanted with the services available to them.
We are a small team that dedicates our energies towards this goal to allow our new Muslim brothers and sisters to gain a strong and solid foundation at the start of their blessed journey which will insha’Allâh lead to Paradise.

Thus, we offer free and subsidised courses so that the desire to embrace, learn and practice Islâm is not hindered by financial constraints.

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer basic Islamic guidance to allow new Muslims to gain a strong and solid foundation at the start of their blessed journey which will inshallah lead to Paradise. We hope that we can share in the reward of guiding others with a view of seeking the pleasure of Allah (Glorified be He).

Therefore, with our courses, we intend to help our brothers and sisters to bear the characteristics of the perfect example to mankind, Muhammed (Peace be upon him).

We are not based upon any particular school of thought and are happy to instruct the students in their respective school of thought or directly from the Qur'an and Sunnah. However, we rely on classical Islamic positions of Sunni Islam as understood by the Companions and the earliest generations of Great Scholars such as Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Shafi'ie, imam Malik and Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal.

Our Team

We are a small team of brothers and sisters who plan, manage, organise, develop and deliver the courses. Although we only provide basic educational courses, we are happy to point people who need further support to organisations that can provide it.

We are not funded by any institution or organisation and rely solely on voluntary donations (and course fees where applicable) to operate.

Our Advisors and Supporters

We are privileged and honoured to work with a variety of learned Scholars and Ulema who check our courses and give beneficial advice.

Amongst our advisors are:

Sheikh Sulaiman Gani – Former Imam of Tooting Mosque, Presenter on IQRA TV

Sheikh Khalifah Ezzat – Head Imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Mosque

Imam Rayan Mahmud – Presenter on IQRA TV

Although totally independent, we are blessed enough to have been historically supported by many other organisations, having delivered courses to hundreds of students at World Muslim League in Goodge Street, Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre and The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Regents Park.

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