Reading Qur’an: Level 1 (Beginners)

How to Read the Qur’ân in Arabic Course (Level 1: Beginners)

The Qur’ân is the unchanged Word of Allah, revealed in the Arabic language. It cannot be recited in any other language and so learning and recitation in Arabic is essential. This course starts from the very basics and develops the student so they can recite the words of the Noble Qur’ân.

For reference, we use the Uthmani Mas-haf based on the Qira’at of Hafs an Asim.

Target Audience

This course is tailored to people who have just embraced Islam, and preference will be given on that basis. No previous knowledge is required.

Course Content

  • Arabic Alphabet: pronunciation, character recognition, various forms
  • Vowels: Fat-hah, Kasrah and Dammah
  • Tanween: Fat-hatayn, Kasratayn, Dammatayn
  • Joining: Sukoon, Shaddah and the Letters of Leen
  • Long vowels: Elongating the vowels, Madd
  • The Definite Article and Hamza tul Wasl

Course Cost

Our courses are free, but donations are always welcome as they allow us to continue offering courses.



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Enrolled: 11 students
Duration: Over 5 Weeks
Lectures: 1
Video: Short videos in sections
Level: Beginner